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In-Space Economy

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We are OrbitBeyond. We aim to provide reliable, repeatable and affordable payload delivery services to the Moon and cis-lunar space.

OrbitBeyond’s product evolution is based on an extensible engineering platform; enabling commercial and scientific delivery capacity at an unmatched scale and cost.

We intend to make the in-space economy commercially accessible and sustainable in the near future.

The commercial cis-lunar market is projected to grow exponentially over the next 10years. We believe a cost reduction in accessing the cis-lunar space will spur investment into in-space infrastructure, leading to the creation of new markets for discovering & utilizing resources in space.


OrbitBeyond is building extensible, versatile and scalable technologies for lunar exploration.

Qualified for all launch vehicles
Up to 350 kg payload delivery to the lunar surface
1 Mbps downlink capacity and Up to 150W power to payloads
Precision and stable Landing


Our robotic missions will deliver your scientific and commercial payloads to the lunar surface and in lunar orbit.

  • Heritage Flight
  • 40 kg payload to
    the surface
  • 50 W payload power
  • 1 Mbps download link
  • On-surface & In-orbit
    payload deployment
Mare Imbrium
29.52° N, 25.68° W
OBI[2]   2021
  • 500 kg payload
    to the surface
  • On-surface + In-orbit
    Payload Deployment
  • Exploration of the
    Lunar Poles :

    Shackleton crater rim,
    Malapert, Permanently
    Shadowed Regions, etc.
  • Advanced mobile
    Platform :
    Autonomous capabilities,
    Robotic Arm
Lunar Poles


At OrbitBeyond, it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you’ve done in the past. We are a team held together by one thing – love for space and engineering. If you are curious, driven and thirsty, you will fit right in.

We are always looking for those who want to change the world. Send us your application on careers@orbitbeyond.com


Orbit Beyond, Inc.
100 Menlo Park Ste 550,
Edison NJ 08837.

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President & CEO

Siba Padhi is a tech start-up professional with over 20 years of multi-functional experience. He has an extensive background as an executive of several multinational companies in the technology and telecommunications industries. He is the founder and ex-chief executive officer of Agnicient Technologies, a technology product and services firm that he successfully led to revenues of more than $100 million.

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Dr. Jon Morse
Chief Science Officer

Former Director of Astrophysics Division at NASA, Morse brings decades of academic achievement, hands-on technical knowledge, and private sector and government executive experience. Having worked extensively to advance the frontiers of space science and exploration, his background and recent endeavors align with OrbitBeyond’s vision of maintaining a strong scientific component within the evolving commercial space enterprise.

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Tech Lead

Udit has over 7 years' experience developing and testing Lander systems, satellite structures, and mechanisms. Led the Z-01 Lander mechanical design from concept, manufacturing, through validation. He received his dual Master of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering and Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech working on projects with Orbital ATK, Boeing, and NASA.

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Rover Lead

Dr. Michael Sims worked for 20+ years at NASA on AI and robotics focus on planetary rover missions, such as Mars Pathfinder and the Mars Exploration Rovers. He is the CEO and founder of the new space startup, Ceres Robotics Inc., that is in the business of building robots for the construction of facilities and habitats on the Moon, Mars, asteroids, and beyond. Sims was previously the co-I for Mars Exploration Rover and VP at Moon Express during the Google Lunar XPRIZE.